I laud your efforts  to establish casteless hindu society, impart knowledge to deprived sections and achieve equality among them through your foundation.

It is easier said that done. You can  achieve your goal  through small local temples and it’s priests. Your gurukul starts from here. Priest may be of any caste. Priests will mingle with devotees, rich & poor, Brahmin & SC, become their guide and will lead once a day mass  prarthana session of Ram Raksha Stotra which is in Sanskrit. It is quite possible that some poor children are not able to go to regular government schools. To such students the priest should offer gurukul education on the line madrasas offer in some places.

Every day reading this stotra itself is starting point of education for the masses  in a gurukul way. He will address devotees once a week for 10 minutes and talk about casteless hinduism, helping each other, equality among masses  and need of gurukul education.

On your  part you should  represent before state governments for monthly honorarium  package for  your member priests who also act as teachers for gurukul  on the lines some state governments offering to maulanas.

If I and general public are interested in joining your foundation , the way should be like this:

I will select one small temple management and its priest and request them to start these classes. But without compensation these poor priests will not able to start. Hence I will offer Rs.2500/- monthly compensation to the priest for doing this service and if required ,also offer Rs.2500/- to another devotee of the temple who can canvass and bring people and children to the daily classes .With a Rs.2500/- or 5000/- budget we can organise and educate atleast 50 people.

By this voluntary contribution I will get satisfaction that I am paying back to the society for their education.

Let us join hands to  make Bharat great again.

I can be contacted on my mobile number :  9870109578.